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Abobe PS CS2! Theatre Shorts 2007! Yay!

*hangs head in Shame* Sorry I haven't been updating, guys; I've had a lot on my plate with Theatre Shorts, my job, and my homework.  But I have News! And Icons!

Admit it, you LOVE my priorities. =)

Anyways; I am proud to say that THEATRE SHORTS 2007 IS /OVER!/
I mean, yeah, it was FUN acting, and...tech-ing...and prop-ing.
[I like creating new words, too.]
Right. Back on topic. Theatre Shorts went GREAT, but there were funny little moments...

Like, when a Major Prop [the Hobo's Cardboard Box House. Don't ask.]collapsed on us RIGHT before they were set to go on stage, a poor ASM [Assistant Stage Manager] lay behind the box in a fetal position, with one leg in the air propping up the top of the box, for little over 1/2 an hour, the duration of the length of that play. It was HILARIOUS watching it from backstage.
Oh, and when the edjudicators [who were picking two of our play to enter into the Searsfest competition] stated that one of the guys had been wearing too much blush, he looked left, looked right, and stated "I'm not /wearing/ any make-up..." and his male partner goes "I'M wearing some! Just a little eyeliner, nothing that'll bring out the eyes..."

Okay, it doesn't look as funny typed as it was when I was there. But still.

I'm so proud of our hard work, and our 2 student-written plays who will be entering. =)
I'd tell you the play name, but IN CASE you live near me, I don't really want you to find out where I live. In case you happen to be a mass murderer. Yes, a friend had gotten me paranoid. =S

ANYWAYS, I also learned how to use this...thing/support rack, called a scaffold, which you've gotta construct as you climb it, for 30 ft.
Not over exaggerating.
It is /so/ fun being up that high.
It is NOT fun banging your head on the stage lights above you as you try to move them around to new positions for the Band People.

Here's a ... example!icon:

Right. Also, I...*drumroll* GOT A PSCS2! *woooot!*
Although, I probably don't really deserve it, seeing as how I'm not really all that experienced wiht PS7, anyways.
Oh well, I'll figure that out.
To commemmorate this moment, I made an icon. =D
Actually, I made more, but that was /only/ because I started making something, then fiddled around with stuff, then decided I liked both designs.
Soon I ended up with 5 [so sue me: they look EXACTLY alike...]:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Dec. 10th, 2006 04:07 am (UTC)
*beams* Thanks!

And don't feel bad about needing to learn how to use /new/ PS tools.
I've been using PS for 3 years, and I still don't know what half the stuff/buttons do. =P

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