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Heartstrings .x.

The scribblings from a girl wandering her way through life.

Kiera Diasco
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A curly black-haired, brown-eyed, rebellious little geek prancing off towards the horizon.

Many know me as:
-Drama Geek
-obsessivated. [Because we all state the obvious]

If you recognize any of these names, chances are I've talked to you on forums, on my various websites [closed due to procrastination], or in person. Talk to me. Love me. Add me. =D

Thanks, Spiffydaze, for the mood icons! [I /will/ put this message on my LJ, as soon as I figure out WHERE the sidebar is...]

I swear Random Colour Bar


Yes; /more/ to come. I promise. More of what, I don't know.

I WILL write fanfiction. Someday.