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Technical Difficulties


*squeaks* Anyone??

MSN. (need I say more...?)

*drags MSN icon off the screen and takes an aluminumbat to it* I HATE MSN!!

*sniffs* and I will probably fail English because of it. Stupid MSN.....

Okay, so /maybe/ me failing English /might/ have something to do with the depression I was in for 3 days straight, slowly emerging from it on Sunday, at 7:49 (yes, I wrote the time down) when I panicked, realizing an essay (which, coincidentally, is 20% of the 70% of my overall English mark. The 30% is the exam mark) That was due today wasn't even started.

(Props for you if you can understand the above.)

Anyways, so I did a rushed, crappy job [even for me], and printed it at school.

I will be lucky if I scrape 70.

And this, I have concluded, is all MSN's fault.
Anyone know where I can get a reliable version???

We are (x2?)

I found this, lost in my computer, and decided to post it (if already posted, sorry!)

Gina[info]addictivish helped me fill the template out. The boldened print was the actual template (the 'We Are' was changed from 'I Am'). What poem can you come up with? Comment if you made one!

We Are

We are empathetic and CSI Loving Tamora Pierce Freaks.

We wonder what it would be like to visit Emelan, Tortall, and the CSI Team in Las Vegas (in the T.V.), /and/ we wonder what it would be like to meet CSI's Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom, in collaboration with a Pissed!Alanna and a Harried!Numair.

We hear the battle cries of our favourite sheroes; the Lioness and the Protector of the Small.

We see 'many people on the worst day of their lives' (quoted from Grissom).

We want to be CSIs and have the power of a black robe mage.

We are empathetic and CSI Loving Tamora Pierce Freaks.

We pretend to solve each other's murders as CSIs would do. (And the thing is, we acually /do/)

We feel Geeklove, Alanna/George Romance, Daine/Numair Romance, Kel/Dom Romance, Aly/Nawat Romance, Yo!Bling, and SFF Love.

We touch 'dead bodies through latex gloves'. (quoted from Grissom).

We worry that Geeklove will never exist. ::tear::

We cry over the fact that Grissom still hasn't made a move on Sara (AKA: The microscope is still stuck up his ass)

We are empathetic and CSI Loving Tamora Pierce Freaks.

We understand forensic sciences and the 'coolness' of the Reinessance Age.

We say Geeklove, you say Romance. Geeklove, /Romance/! Geeklove, /Romance/!

We dream of the adventures in Tortall, Emelan and CSI LV.

We try to promote GSR and TP couple love through LiveJournal, TDD, YTDAW and FF.net.

We hope that Geeklove will come though.

We are empathetic and CSI Loving Tamora Pierce Freaks.

HI! *waves furiously*

Yes. I have logged back onto my LJ account.  Because I finally have internet connection again =)

I've made an icon, for a friend anyone wanna comment??


Icon (1)Collapse )


Well, still can't type about what happened on Saturday.  Not yet.
So I'll talk about what happened today.

Warning: If you know me in Real Life, Do Not Talk To Me About What I'm About To WriteCollapse )

How the F*** Did Sara Do It??

Well, apparently, in the Second Episode of the First Season, Sara dropped everything to come in flying on a stallion to come to Grissom's rescue.

Okay, well, it was more like a plane.
But, still.

How can you just, I dunno, ditch all your friends because your world is moving too fast for you to catch up??

A week ago, I couldn't have cared less if Grad was next week, but now...

Today is the last day of school.
We graduate tommorow.
My family (the estrogen-driven ones) are literally fawning over my every move.

Why do I feel so depressed, like I'm being pulled apart at the seams??

I feel brittle...

As if a necessity of Life had been taken away from me, and I'm powered on my adrenalin.

Which is slowly fading.

I kept on trying to roleplay as Sara (in the moment in which she decided to go to Vegas to help Grissom out), or even Kel and her Yamani Mask.

All-in-all, I think I did terrific.
No crying.
No squealing.
No desperate messages screamed out the bus window.

Yep, I held it together.

Then why do I feel so miserable?

Nikita, I am so proud of you for /not/ breaking down when they started to cry. *wavering smile*


Too. Much. F-ing. Homework.

At the end of the year, too, damnit!

Started (and partially completed) the Science project at Gina's house.  It will rock their socks.

I hate hydraulics.

Will eventually fall asleep at 5 in the morning, after I finish my language and music.

Will wake up at 7.

Can't wait until school is over (screw whatever I said when I was sick, I was /sick/! My mind wasn't working proper!)

Goddess help me.

By the way, I have finally come up with filters; here are the names of the filters:

By the Way; If you wish to friend me, friend me, /then/ post a comment telling me, along with the filters you wish to be included in.  Thanks! =)

Filter NamesCollapse )


Yay! I finally got some filters up! (not that that was particularily hard...as I only have...10 friends? 8?)

Now most of my posts will be Friends Only posts, as I do not think the Whole World wants to know what goes on in my life.

So, if you want to be friend-ed, comment. Also, if you only want to read certain things ( e.g.: Only the angsty parts of my life, or the depressing pasts, or the CSI filled parts), tell me.

I will soon post up a list of filters. Promise.

De Caifeinated

*blurry look*

I think I'm as high as a kite.

Anyone have any good fics that I should read? I'm in a reading mood.

I'l take anything from any fandom. Really.

We Are

*howls with laughter*
*starts to calm down*
*laughs* Alright, well, today (in our Cycle Schedule), today was Day 7.
Meaning our class had guidance during Period 2. 
Everyone knows Guidance was just a clas where a teacher recieves the opportunity to baby-sit us while our /actual/ teachers relax. Pssh.  Lie, that's going to ever happen.
All we ever do in Guidance is goof-off. Literally.
Except today...
...because our Guidance teacher decided to try to do something /productive/.
Well, in the end, the whole idea was a bloop.  No one was paying attension, and most people did nothing except recycle air. We were supposed to take this 'poem template', and fill in the blanks, either with a partner or by yourself.  In the end, Gina
addictivish and I filled out the poem template and shared it with the rest of the class.  We could hardly breathe, let alone recite our poem, knowing that half the class wouldn't get it anyways, and the other half would think us high.  But that only made us laugh harder.  Here's a copy of our poem, titled (very unoriginal) We Are.

The boldened print was the actual template.  What poem can you come up with? *eye-raised*

We AreCollapse )