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AHA! Yeah yeah, I really am alive. =)  But needed to be resurrected.

*whacks forehead* I know I should have been updating all this time, but due to some technical problems I'm having in my area [there are these new Smart Meter things our governments attaching to our electrical meter] our electricity has been haywire for quite a long time; I didn't want to risk losing anything on my laptop, so I'm not currently using it —I'm updating right now from my cousin's house. =)

I swear I'm getting to all these posts/announcements that are piling up in my email, but I decided to quickly drop a line informing everyone that yes, I'm still alive, and yes, I will be updating.

And exams all went great except for my english exam [which I felt most confident about after writing it!] in which I got a 40 out of 60 [most my class actually failed that one], but still managed to pull out of that class with a 92% which makes absolutely no sense. *shrug* No complaints!
Must. Die.
TPTB. Must. Die.
Not a slow, painful death; not a fast, quick death.
But a death from which their innermost fears bursts out through their skin and *insert something satisfying*.
*anger quickly reaching limit*
I cannot believe they ENDED the SEASON FINALE of our beloved CSI with...with...
A 'To Be Continued'!!!!!!!!
What the fuck to they think they can pull here?!?!  They think they can just switch from basing eps on 'Reality Time' to a screwy 'TV Time'?? HUH?!

Okay, some anger has been elevated.

Moving past that mental Post-It:

*hyper blissed-out, bouncy mode*
This episode is pure LOVE. *squee!*  The plot line is the work of a Genius!; a HUGE contrast to TGTBTD a couple of weeks back, and a MEGA HUGE contrast to the other craptascular Season Finales of other shows. [No offense.]

Things I want to quickly skim over...[might go further into detail later on]:

They carried along the MCSK plot nicely in this ep, and [surprisingly] gave us the identity of the MCSK before opening credits rolled.  Which didn't really matter, since we've never met her before.  The name is Natalie Davis, a very intriguing name; I have a feeling they're going to do some further back story about Dell and Davis, but, *meh*.  I'm still incredibly pissed about that stupid stunt TPTB pulled on us, so I can't be bothered to explore ideas here. 

Moving on; so we get a couple of clues that the CSIs follow to Natalie, which were awesomely done!  They've used a nice contrast between the actual time line and the flashbacks, a little Tarantino/Grave Digger moment in a few of the scenes, detail displayed is AMAZING [the time props must have spent on this...], a couple of pity!MCSK moments, her basic back-story, her introduction to the obsession of Griss and Sara [*snort* like most of us can't relate.  Except for the fact that we don't want to kill them...>.<], the little, 'hidden-face-Sara' abduction moment, the transitions between life scale and model scale, the Sara!Crime scenes...
This is all just...like a fresh breeze on a sweltering day, topped with ice-creamy goodness and a snuggle-bug.
Can you tell, despite the little hook they threw us at the end, I reallyreallyreallyreallreally LOVED this ep? 

The introduction to how she was a JANITOR AT CSI was pretty freaky; I almost can't believe how calm Griss was when he discovered it.  I assume he looked at the video footage from the security bank at the lab, but imagine the chills you'd definitely probably get when watching how easy it was for Natalie to orchestrate this entire plan.

I definitely didn't believe the acting; EVERYONE's acting was above and beyond the call of duty.  [Okay, you can't count in the actors who got in maybe seconds of screen time.  Poor them. =(] Brilliant!

Wondered about Sara's Super-Duper Flattened hair, though.  Did they change her make-up artist to the crappy one in charge of the bad hair-dos of Season 4??  Or did they flatten her hair to subtly tell the audience that Sara is as unhappy now as she was in Season 4??  OR, did they just flatten her hair to match Natalie's hair??  OH, the possibilities...

Ooooh! Oooh! The reaction to the whole 'Natalie loved Ernie, and she sees me as the person responsible for taking away the person she loved, so she's doing the same thing to me...with Sara' spiel Griss gave to the gang?  Well, it was exactly what I suspected, so it makes me feel pangs of, well, disappointment, but they had SO BETTER RUN WITH THIS PLOT DEVICE in the next season, or there will be millions of unhappy campers out there in the world.
Against TPTB's small numbers.

Errrrm...the music was beautifully assimilated into the ep; I barely noticed the transition stages, the music was just that good.The overall tone/theme of the ep was consistent to; always a plus.  Especially considering other, shoddy work done in the past.  No large costume changes, most likely because they're saving it for August, when they begin to film for the next season.  I liked the lighting done in Leapin' Lizards better than what they had done in Living Doll [this ep], but I don't think anyone cares.
Do you?

OMG, the moment which will become the pinnacle/catalyst of my CSI/GSR-obsessed life:
That burningly-sexy flashback of Griss firmly gripping Sara's arm, then sliding it down, sloooowly down her arm, before turning and giving her that sexy smile????  *Gahhhhh....* *drool*
*glomps moment*
I wish I could rip this off the ep and preserve it.  Maybe display it next to Ms. Piggy...*starry-eyed*
Addendum [9? min. later]:  Alright, out of everyone I've talked to so far, about 37 people want to do this moment.  /If/ it were physically possible.  Everyone else either wants to tie it up and do dirty things with it, or cherish it. =D]

*sighs happily-contentedly*
*pauses mid-hyper!bounce*
*remembers Evil bestowed upon the Fans*

*anger rises in one fell swoop*
I...*grr!*...just CAN'T BELIEVE they left us with a close up of a potentially!dying Sara [Jorja's bid for CSI-free freedom??  Does anyone have any details of her contract? DID SHE SIGN ON FOR ANOTHER SEASON?!] underneath the previously-totaled car, then slap a big, fuckin' TO Be Continued on the screen.  :@
*eyes flash dangerously*
*slip back into hyper blissed-out, bouncy mode*

Note: Apologies if thoughts appear random! or all over the place; I can't type as fast as my thoughts come to me, SO...*shrug*
Will edit later, I swear.



It will be my b-day...in 3 hours and 6 minutes.


AND, back-to-back /AND/ a new episodes of House will be appearing.  It's fate, guys.

No, seriously.
*ignores hundreds of emails bouncing off head insisting that no, it was not fate, but the coincidental planning of TPTB*

Abobe PS CS2! Theatre Shorts 2007! Yay!

*hangs head in Shame* Sorry I haven't been updating, guys; I've had a lot on my plate with Theatre Shorts, my job, and my homework.  But I have News! And Icons!

Here's a ... example!icon:

Okay folks, this is it:

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This is mainly because I /really/ don't want people I know to read stuff I vent to people. 
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OH YEAH, BTW:  If you don't have  livejournal, and are reading this, here's a tip; GET ONE!

So.  The Last Free Entry. Before you need to friend me.

We ALL hope.

These are SO much better than...that MSN thingy....

Testing (Sorry!)

Hey, im just testing this new..client? Thingy?...

It's Semagic.

And am proud to say it works.

Now: I will need to find a Friends-Only banner...as I lost my Photoshop =(

No worries — I will soon have CS. =)

Mad!Adam People

Ho Hum.

Did stupid things because I was bored.

And now Extremely Un-Touchy People are mad at me.

Ooops. =S

TV Show Ban! AHHH!

Does anyone know where I can download the latest episodes of varios TV shows [example: next Tuesday is Bones, House and Gilmore Girls. Since I no longer can watch TV, I need to find another way to watch my shows =(]

I'll give you a cookie...and...Something Else WHich Can't Come To Mind...

*runs and crys in a corner*
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